Monday, August 11, 2008

Manic Monday: 15% Off Magnolia Mini-Frames

Now, don't read too far into that subject line. When I say "mini", I don't exactly mean bite size!

You may remember these awesome Magnolia Lane frames that I blogged about a while back - the "mini"-frames that I speak of now, are the complementary little sibling to the grand macdaddy Magnolia Lane frames.

Clearly, they are equally as charming, but the smaller size makes them a great fit for any smaller space or just to add a little variety to your wall art.

The store just received a huge shipment with lots of selection to choose from (with so many perfect quotes and sayings), so natch, they were Mandy's choice for this week's Manic Monday blog special!

Just stop in the store from 10am until 6pm today and save 15% on these awesome frames just by mentioning this blog post. Seriously - can't. get. any. easier. Period.