Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swagger Joins Facebook!

Taking a cue from its collegiate staffers and after talking shop with some of the retail addicts at Accessorize with Pi Phi (a philanthropy shopping event hosted on the campus of NC State, where Swagger gets to mix shopping with the ever important task of raising money to promote literacy among all individuals), Swagger has joined the popular social network, facebook!

Not only is the site a popular destination for keeping up with friends who have relocated far and near (and even those you see on a daily basis), but it also provides so much more: photos, events invites, music, and more! If you're not on facebook.... ummm... where have you been hiding? I know, I tried to resist, too - but after the 589042 time my best friend said "I tagged you in our pictures from (insert wedding of the week here)... oh wait, I can't, you're not on facebook" - I finally did it. And I'm totally addicted!

For Swagger, it's a SERIOUSLY cool way to let shopping junkies like me know about new products, special sales, upcoming shopping events, and more right where I'm already spending a good chunk of my online time (for me: it's procrastination at its finest!).
Want to be in the know, too? Check out Swagger's page on facebook and click "become a fan" to make sure you're going to be first to know of all the cool new additions that will be coming along soon. And be sure to chat it up! The discussion board for all Swagger fans is a great place to "talk shop" with other Swagger fans - I like to think of it as eRetail therapy!