Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's Get Ready for a Backyard Party!

I was going to title this blog entry "Let's Get Ready for a Backyard Barbeque"... but then I thought about how confusing this word can get around these parts of the country!
As any good Carolina girl knows, BBQ generally means pulled pork and in true eastern-NC style... that comes with a vinegar-based recipe (not to be confused with its equally delish counterpart from the west - which is tomato-based). And to add to the confusion, when you hear someone in NC refer to BBQ - is it a noun or a verb?
Either way you look at it, whether you're enjoying some "BBQ" off the cooker with friends, or grillin' up some hot dogs, burgers, sausages, and chicken at a "barbeque", everyone around these parts sure knows how to enjoy a get-together where food is involved come May, June, and July.
Since everyone at Swagger is so excited about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, they are jump-starting the holiday by offering 15% off all fun summer ceramics (serving dishes and so on!) in today's blog-only Manic Monday special!
Print this blog and bring it to the store with you - until 6pm today - and stock-up on your favorite ceramic dishes and let's get festive!