Saturday, November 24, 2007

Personalization... Who needs it?

1. People with bad memories. This works in two different ways. For instance, our personalized umbrella will help the person with a bad memory find their umbrella (and remember their name in the process). Also, if you have a bad memory, going to a get together where items are personalized with the host or hostesses monogram, you will never forget their name.
2. People who entertain. If you or people you know like to entertain, you know that dishes somehow manage to “go missing” or, if you are one that takes dishes to friends in need, it is easy to forget who has what. If you take the time to personalize these things with a special label, monogram, or stamp, the dish in question will always make it’s way home – even if you’ve forgotten that your dish ran away with the spoon
3. New couples – The novelty of starting life together, new apartment/home, wedding, honeymoon, and everything that goes with it. A personalized gift for the happy couple helps reinforce the bond that has been forged and since it has the permanence of personalization attached to it, they may be less likely to get a divorce or separate when the going gets a little tough.
4. Bosses/coworkers – Tired of items walking away from your desk, or your boss constantly asking you for a pen because theirs happened to walk off somewhere (who knew that pens had legs?) Getting personalized items for the office is a sure-fire way to make sure you and your co-workers are always prepared.
5. College Students – I’m sure you remember the days of living in the dorms, lending out items and not knowing what happened to them. Or, coming home from school, half the items you brought home didn’t belong to you. Personalizing clothes and other items is a great form of insurance that the college student you know will always get their stuff back – possibly even before they graduate!