Sunday, November 25, 2007

Personalization ... What to get for the friend that has it all!

We all have “that friend” … You know, the one that has everything, is always stepping out in the latest style and always manages to look great even though she has three kids under five at home. Oh, and did we mention that her house is always clean, dinner is on the table at 6 sharp (gourmet no less), and is paired against domestic guru Martha Stewart in a showdown, Martha would want to return to jail.
What on earth do you get that person for Christmas or other special occasions? How can you let her know how much you value your carefully crafted friendship and are forever grateful for the around the house tips that have gotten you out of many binds?
Here are some nifty little gift ideas to get “that friend” who is always there and ready to lend a helping hand, and the most “together” person you know.
1. Try one of our personalized cutting boards – especially if they are constantly in the kitchen whipping up one amazing concoction after another. Having taken the time to remember how much they enjoy being in the kitchen, this practical gift will ensure many more fantastic meals, desserts and “I just threw this together” dishes, she has become so famous for.
2. Another great gift for the friend that has everything (and then some) is our personalized umbrella. This cute little umbrella will ensure everyone knows she’s coming and will add a little sunshine to her day in the process.
3. We all know that staying in shape isn’t the easiest thing to do – even for “that friend” so why not get her a personalized bath wrap for her to use at the gym, or for use at the beach/pool during the warm summer months. This ever-useful wrap will come in handy for years to come.
4. Some of our personalized glass sets will be a great hit for the girlfriend that is the “best hostess you know.” She is always prepared with great dishes, wonderful cocktails, and stimulating conversation. These glasses can be used for everything from casual get-togethers to more formal dinner parties.
5. Of course, one of our personalized travel coffee mugs is a given when it comes to finding something for the friend that has everything. Ours has a choice of bright colored backgrounds with their monogram to boot. They are very eye-catching and forever useful.

It really is a challenge to find gifts for a friend that pretty much has it all. If you are really at a loss and none of these gifts really fit that friend, or family member, one of our gift certificates will insure that they will find something on their own that they didn’t have already.