Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And the WINNERS of the "Where Have YOU Swaggered Lately" Photo Contest are...

This summer I thought it would be fun to have a photo contest starring all our fabulous customers and their *stuff* from Swagger Gifts - appropriately titled (if I do say so myself) "Where Have YOU Swaggered Lately?" :)

First off, thank you to everyone who sent in a photo!  I loved seeing how you all enjoy the gifts you get from us.  Thanks for sharing your special moments!

SO without further ado - the WiNnErS ArE:

A Swaggerlicious photo indeed, coming in third and the winner of a $25 Swagger Gift Certificate, Kim Walker who entered a birthday party picture of her getting some SWAG!:)  Kim - I love how happy you look in this photo - it is contagious!  I smiled every time I came across it in the photo contest!  You go girl!

Kimmie with her new bag (not to mention her monogrammed ring from Swagger that she already has on her right hand)!

Coming in second and the winner of a $50 Swagger Gift Certificate, AnnMarie Janni and her two beautiful kids, Ryan and Jennifer!  The thing I find so VERY swaggerlicious about this photo is the number of Swagger items in the crib with the two kids - I count at least 6!   Love that!:)

You can see the love Ryan has for his Swagger puppies and Jennifer looks like she might break out into some Reggae tunes any minute:)!  So cute!

And finally, the picture with the most votes and winner of a $100 Swagger Gift Certificate, Chris Kline who entered a picture of her sweet grandbaby, Callie, swaggering with her Harold Hippo!  MOST definitely a Swaggerlicious photo!

Such a sweet photo!  I just want to pick up both of them and give them a big kiss!:)

Congratulations to you all!  And thanks again to everybody for entering your pictures!  If you would like to view all the submissions click here!