Friday, June 22, 2007

Webkinz Trading Cards are in!

Today I am posting my very first blog entry! How exciting!
And even more exciting is that we finally have our WEBKINZ Trading Cards in! As any of you with kids know, Webkinz are HUGE with the 6 - 12 year old boys and girls and could quite possibly be bigger than Beanie Babies (or Cabbage Patch Dolls for anyone who is in my age group:)). The trading cards are especially cool, because the kids can play with them online or as a game with their friends - AND 1 out of every 36 packs wins a free online Webkinz Animal - that was enough for a couple of our customers to buy a whole box to ensure that they would get the virtual animal! Call or come back to get your Webkinz Trading Cards before they are all gone - we only received a very limited quantity! See you soon! ~ Mandy